Goenkan Met Fab. is an emerging furniture brand, catering to all sorts of requirements including modular, wooden, stainless steel, S, (etc.) ; in both manufacturing and retail. We, at GMF, are powering innovation in the interiors & exteriors of both the segments, homes and institutional areas; ensuring cost and quality balance in our aesthetically dominant yet highly functional & technically backed designs, alongside.
Your conception is our execution. We prioritize your goals and evaluate your requirements to produce customized designs or improve the existing ones while keeping in mind, the optimal utilization of site and resources at hand.
Your safety, our responsibility. We tend to produce ergonomically designed furniture that keeps you healthy & comfortable.
Sustainability is one element that we would never compromise upon. We pay keen attention to develop solutions that adhere to industry standards & guidelines and aim at making green choices, in both products & services.

Our Approach

GMF has been providing innovative results to all its clients. We understand your needs and requirements. We do customize working and have trendy solutions to tackle them.

At one hand we provided student friendly and aesthetic seating solutions for the students of leading college to enhance their learning experience while at the same time their auditorium required more customized professional solutions which were well delivered by us.

From your homes to the corporates, we pledge to dedicate our best to your service and provide long lasting solutions for all your furniture needs.

Meet the Team

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